New York Midterms: Vote for Chele Farley for U.S. Senate to Unseat Kirsten Gillibrand

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No Longer the Party of JFK

A mother and businesswoman named Chele Farley is indeed a true patriot. She is a principled candidate who even got a shout out by the president. Farley is running for Senator of New York. Chele Farley stands with ICE and supports immigration enforcement. She seeks to put New Yorkers before illegals.

Farley’s opponent, on the other hand, is the formerly “moderate” Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand who has morphed into a radical leftist in little time. Gillibrand has joined the abolish ICE movement, and has said that if elected “abolishing ICE is one of the first things Democrats should do if they win.” This reflects a lack of respect for law enforcement and the rule of law. Her views seem more in line with Antifa then the Democrat party of JFK.


On economic issues, unlike Gillibrand, Farley is committed to making NY great again. Farley will use federal funding to invest in infrastructure and lower taxes. She recognizes that New Yorkers are taxed too highly and wants to change that.


Another drastic contrast between these two candidates is their stance on Israel. Chele Farley, unlike her opponent, stood with the President in ending the one sided Iran deal. She also opposes BDS which is the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. Gillibrand, conversely, supported the Iran deal and praises political activist Linda Sarsour.


President Trump rightfully called attention to the opioid epidemic facing our nation. Chele Farley is committed to combating the over-prescription of opioids. This epidemic is one affecting communities across the country. Opioid abuse is truly an important issue facing our country.

On Foreign Policy

Farley supports the America First foreign policy of the Trump administration. She bemoans the pure political posturing of her opponent. As mentioned, Farley vigorously opposed the Iran deal. She also feels “We must also refocus our trade policies by opening up new negotiations with countries to create a fairer deal for the United States.”

Farley Will Put New Yorkers First

“My years of private sector experience taught me how to renegotiate a bad deal.” Like the President, she believes in free, fair trade, not open borders with one sided trade deals. Chele Farley, if elected would be a Senator who puts New Yorkers First, not the elite. Unlike Gillibrand, Farley has a plan for New York and will stand for law and order. She will stand with the people of New York not the elites. She will put New York First.

Seth Ian / Journalist
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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