New York Midterms: Naomi Levin Takes on Democrat Establishment

Russian Immigrant of Jewish Heritage

Established career politician Jerry Nadler is being challenged by a true conservative, Naomi Levin. As her campaign website puts it, she values hard work and the American way. Naomi knows first hand about the American dream, as she is the daughter of Russian immigrants who accomplished much becoming a software engineer and learning to speak four languages.

She is running as a Republican and is the polar opposite of her opponent. Levin is running to represent the congressional district which includes the traditional liberal west side of Manhattan. It also includes China Town, Borough Park, and Ground Zero. Nadler, on the other hand, is a career politician who is more concerned with maintaining power and keeping his job than actually representing his constituents.

Opposite Forces

Unlike her opponent, she believes in solutions- not just engaging in partisan behavior which is harmful for her constituents. She puts her constituents first, not her career. She is committed to common sense solutions to the issues of the day.

Nadler is a man who infamously supported Obama’s disastrous Iran nuclear deal. Many in his district opposed that move. He has also made resisting the fairly elected President Trump his chief goal. He is too preoccupied with partisan witch hunts like the Russia collusion delusion to stand up to the interests of his district. According to her palm cards, Naomi Levin believes in a sound foreign policy, unlike her opponent who advanced the interests of Iran and the globalist elite.

In an interview on Fox and Friends, she contrasts her capitalist views with another New York millennial turned politician, Ocasio-Cortez. Unlike Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Naomi Levin does not want to turn our country into a socialist Venezuela but believes that America was already great and does not need to undergo what Obama referred to as a fundamental transformation.

Instead, Levin appreciates this country and wants to cut the extremely high taxes of New York. She believes in lowering the massive New York tax burden for locals and reducing regulation to help businesses grow.

Among her endorsements are Anthony Scaramucci and an influential Jewish newspaper called The Jewish Press. Nadler on the other hand, is a pillar of the Washington establishment since 1993. He is part of the permanent political class. Her opponent represents the epitome of an establishment which is seeing its political clout waning.

Naomi Levin is for Law And Order

Nadler was part of the mob out for Kavanaugh. He refers to Justice Kavanaugh’s judicial philosophy as an “extreme legal ideology” despite the fact that Kavanaugh is an originalist. Nadler has, in the words of Levin, acted as defense attorney for now-disgraced former FBI and deep state actor Peter Strzok. When Strozk’s turn came to testify on capitol hill, despite his overt partisan and unethical behavior, Nadler said “Peter Strzok wasn’t saying anything about Donald Trump that the majority of Americans weren’t also thinking the same thing.”

New York’s 10th congressional district now has a chance to elect a Republican for the first time since the 1990s. The president needs more allies in Congress, and this is a great opportunity to overthrow the reign of career politicians and elect a real leader who will put her constituents first.

Seth Ian / Journalist
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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