Interview With OANN About Corsi Plea Deal

The Russia Collusion Delusion Investigation

Interview with Chris Carter about One America News Network (OANN) and The role of Dr. Jerome Corsi in The Russia Collusion Delusion Investigation. We discussed the potential punishment Dr.Corsi may receive.

In recent days there has been much talk about Dr. Jerome Corsi. Dr Jerome Corsi was the former DC Bureau chief for Info Wars and is now facing scrutiny from special council Bob Muller for forwarding a request from Roger Stone to meet with WIkileaks founder. Corsi is accused of having advanced knowledge that there would be a release of information by Wikileaks damaging to the Clinton Campaign. New Right Network interviewed the reporter who interviewed Jerome Corsi directly.

As outlined in this interview Corsi is now facing charges of perjury. This is all a smoke screen this investigation was supposed to be about Trump Russia collusion instead this has deteriorated into a witch hunt affecting anyone with even remote ties to The Trump administration. One America News Network provided us with important information regarding the role of Dr. Corsi in this ever changing Muller investigation.

1. Tell me a little about One America News Network. When and by whom was it started?

OANN is a growing news network with about 35 million viewers in the US, but increasing monthly. The network was started by the Herring Family in San Diego. We have bureaus in San Diego (HQ), Washington D.C. and NYC. We specialize in bringing our viewers unbiased news that takes the conservative viewpoint and puts a microscope on it.

2. What’s the connection between Jerome Corsi and the President?

Dr. Corsi and the President do not speak regularly but tend to agree with each other on many of the issues facing the nation today. Dr. Corsi is a supporter of the President.

3. How did he become involved in Robert Muller’s ever expanding probe?

Based upon what I gather, the Mueller investigation is running out of gas and Dr. Corsi is one or the last people left to try and justify its existence.

4. Jerome Corsi is a journalist where did he come into this story?

He came into the story because of his cooperation with the FBI. He turned over equipment and the FBI saw he mentioned Julian Assange's name in some emails.

5. What charges are Jerome Corsi facing now?

He is facing six counts of perjury. Each count carries a maximum of 5 years.

6. What was your most interesting and informative interview?

The previous Attorney General Jeff Sessions. I asked him if he thought of “UnRecusing himself”. He said he thought about a lot of things…I bet he thinks differently now. He could have been a huge factor in not wasting the public’s time in letting the Russia investigation get out of control.

Seth Ian / Journalist
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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