Federal Judge Seals Evidence Against Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter Robert Bowers


Judge Seals Evidence From the Public

On Monday, "U.S. District Judge Donetta Ambrose ruled that the material, which the government is required to turn over to the defense, will be made available only to defense lawyers or their experts and witnesses." The judge desires to protect family members from the sensitive nature of the evidence.

Consequences for Crimes

Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers faces serious punishment. He was indicted on 44 serious counts to which he plead not guilty, accused of killing 11 people. Several of those counts can carry the death penalty.

The shooter charged into Tree of Life synagogue, repeating anti-Jewish slurs over and over while shooting multiple people attending a service. The maximum Bowers could get would be life without the possibility of parole or the death penalty.

The wild gunman was armed with an AR-15 plus three additional handguns and he used them all. He shot through the crowd of people during worship most of which were senior citizens, 70 and up, the oldest being a 97 year old woman. Some of those shot and injured were law enforcement. Bowers was finished and leaving the building when confronted by the police and SWAT. He backed back into the building but then gave himself up to the law enforcement there.

Troublesome Family History

It has also been revealed that Bowers’ father, Randall, was a suspect in a rape case in the 70’s. The alleged incident happened in 1979. Randall Bowers was accused of stalking a woman and forcing her into her car with him right behind her. He forced her to drive him to his area of Pittsburgh where he sexually assaulted the woman. It was disclosed she had testified she was afraid for her life.

The shooter's father did not appear for the court hearing however. He had committed suicide. They found his body in a picnic area. It was indeed determined, as reflected in the reports and other paperwork, that Mr. Bowers died from a self inflicted gunshot.

Robert Bowers grew up in a small home with his mother. He did not graduate from high school and just basically hung out around town. He did not have any serious trouble with the police other than the occasion traffic ticket. However, in 2004 the police were called out on what would be determined as a medical call. CBS Pittsburgh reported “sources close to that investigation say Bowers threatened to kill himself.”

History of Anti-Semitic Rhetoric

Robert Bowers resided in the Pittsburgh area and was known to post bigotry and hate and even murderous comments online. Most especially, in the most recent months, social media sites have seen posts with anti-Semitic rhetoric with much more harsh and dangerous overtones than the usual troll spewing the norm.

Since then Bowers has been building up his hate with his continued anti-Semitic comments as well as the same on illegal immigrants threatening our country. He also is a strong believer/follower in conspiracy theories. Authorities and mental health specialists will be working together to determine if this hate behavior stems from any mental illness, family related or otherwise. Federal authorities will be interested in the results of their determinations as they move forward with their investigation as well.

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