Liberal Targeted Ads: Pro-Abortion Ads Appear On Conservative Websites

Google Targets Conservatives, Again

Google Adsense absurdly targeted New Right Network's website. Despite being a conservative website, Google chose to launch an ad in support of "Save Roe." Google algorithms personalize and target companies based on their clients or customers interests. However, right before the midterm elections, they targeted a news network that includes "Right" in its name. The ad that ran does not meet any of the criteria Google Adsense claims that it uses. They say that they tailor your ads for you based on their data collecting capabilities and traffic to the site. Somehow, I doubt liberal websites are subjected to feature ads promoting the National Rifle Association.

Will Google Ever Be Held Accountable?

Big tech giants have proven time and again that they promote liberal bias. That bias was recently on full display during midterms on the New Right Network website. Big Tech giants must at some point be accountable for their biased promotional agenda. Pro-abortion and immoral ads used as political manipulation to cause chaos is not what Conservatives want.

The Left would love nothing more than to force all people, including Conservatives, to feature their ads. Planned Parenthood, as an organization is infamous for their murder of innocent human beings. Liberals openly celebrate the killing of unborn babies; it has only gotten more blatant lately. The advertisement that appeared on this conservative website shows a baby and says, "she deserves to be a choice." Having this ad appear on a right-leaning site is viewed as a tragedy, and Google knew exactly what it was doing on a Conservative website. It further proves their awareness of what they have been doing with their ongoing censorship of Conservatism.

Planned Parenthood Defunding, Promises Broken

Though virtually every candidate in The Republican party promised to cut Planned Parenthood funding, it has never happened. Yes, you read that correctly, the RINO’s caved on a core promise. Just one more example of the RINOs and all of the on-the-fence conservatives not being on board with The President’s agenda while attempting to sabotage America from within.

Liberals seemingly celebrate abortion, as they celebrate anything that supports the destruction of life. Though they used to claim to support abortion only on rare occasions, they have now made Abortion in America “a right.” To the left, abortion is something that is entirely a matter of choice. Murder should not be a right, and this commercial advertisement portrays the killing of an unborn child as merely a matter of choice. This move to desensitize Americans will not work.

Life As A Human Right

All children are important. Life is not a privilege, but a human right. Taxpayer money will continue to fund Planned Parenthood until we do something about it. The President’s goal has been and still is to defund Planned Parenthood; he knows it is not good for Americans. It is time Republicans stood with The President in standing against this left wing house of horrors. The Left wants to destroy America.

As Patricia Heaton tweeted "Um...which ghoul at @PPFA decided this was a good idea? "Let's show a beautiful infant girl, then list the criteria she needs to meet to avoid being aborted!"

This Ad running on right-wing websites dehumanizes life.


Seth Ian / Journalist
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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  1. Do what I did .. I sent Google a complaint about an offensive ad, and then specifically identified it as a pro-abortion (well, I named the offensive organization by name) and told them that I would be sure to donate to Trump/Pence 2020 and urge all my friends to do the same every time I see their offensive ad that I couldn't even opt out of seeing again.




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