Pro-Life Groups: The New Targets of The Left

Collateral Damage

In any war, there will be targets, and there will be collateral damage. Collateral damage is a term used in war where, during battle, the inevitable damage and death surrounding battle will occur. It is the downside of any fight. Bomb an area, even after full notice is given for minimizing civilian casualties, and there will still be stragglers who will become the casualty.

Even when each side attempts to strike their targets, there will never be anything clean in terms of a death toll being zero. In the Culture War, when two sides of the culture clash based on ideological differences, one can come to grips with the fact that there will be casualties. Not in terms of death or scorched earth damage, but certainly harm brought on by opposing ideas that lead to unsavory actions.

Questions about action

However, what happens when your enemy actively assaults the opposition without any warrant of violence, other than a disagreement? Is retaliation needed? Is there a just cause to fight back when you are struck? These are the questions that arise when we see the latest battle on a brand new front.

The front in this war is the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate. Say what you want regarding verbiage between pro-choice and pro-life, the fight is costly, and it tends to be felt on the side of the pro-life side, particularly with the female fighters on this front. Can those women fight back with equal intensity? Is it justifiable to act in pure self-defense and hit back? Can citizen’s arrest be a concept for suppressing and detaining these cowardly war criminals?

The New Front

In the culture war, the weapons of the left are heightened levels of victimhood. They will lie, and use insane rhetoric, to make minorities feel like conservatives hate them. They will say that black people are being oppressed through systemic racism, that transgenders are literally dying and that Latinos are being herded like cattle into gas chambers.

They claim that women are being raped all over the world in record numbers because straight white men exist. Obviously, anyone sane enough will know these points are unhinged. However, what if there is an actual assault victim and we do not know it because the mainstream media does not show it? What if the internet blatantly hides it? What if the newest battlefield of the culture war is rooted in two very opposing ideological perspectives, and one side literally resorts to physical violence? We have already seen it. It is horrendous beyond imagination. It is unwarranted aggression of pro-life people and women, Christians, conservatives, and anyone that does not agree with their big government ideology.

Jordan Hunt

Jordan Hunt worked as a hair stylist for Noble Studio 101 in Toronto and has been caught in multiple incidents involving attacking women for their ideas, particularly pro-life women. Looking at him, one might think that he was an ally to women. His career would undoubtedly place him in the trust of many women.

Unfortunately, based on statistics, self-described allies usually find themselves embroiled in sexual assault, as they become the aggressors looking to have sex with the feminists with whom they ally themselves. Men like Jordan Hunt go to great lengths to prove that they are a valuable asset to their feminist handlers. He was first seen knocking over a sign and arguing with pro-life demonstrators last summer in a video filmed by the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform (CCBR). Then on September 30, Jordan Hunt was caught harassing a pro-life demonstration by taking a marker and drawing on the pro-life activists.

This warranted Marie-Claire Bissonette to take out her phone and begin filming. In every video of the debacle, you hear Marie-Claire tell Hunt, “You oughta kill them with kindness right?” In pure leftist smugness, he responds with, “ If somebody gets raped by somebody, and they’re like, ‘I’m a 16-year-old, and I can’t have this baby,’ think you should keep it?” On film, he is seen acting like a prepubescent tweener while flipping his thumb up or down based on Marie’s response. Marie then says, “ It’s a baby. If someone is raped and she gave birth, and she decided to kill her 3-year-old child —," It was at this point, Hunt dug in, stuck out his tongue, and you see him roundhouse kick Bissonette to the head as the phone tumbles to the ground. You hear him in a panicked state repeating, “I meant to kick her phone, I meant to kick her phone,” as he flees the scene with his voice fading in the background.

Bissonette, a conservative, Christian, pro-life wedding singer in the Toronto area, stated that she has forgiven him, but pressed charges nonetheless. You can watch the video here. The video went viral. It was picked up by Huffington Post, Washington Post, Fox, Daily Wire, and many other publications. Ultimately, Jordan Hunt was fired from Noble Studio 101 and turned himself in on Saturday, October 6th.

Gabby Skwarko

On October 1st, near Ryerson University campus, again in Toronto, Canada, another woman was brutally thrown around. This time, the attack came from a very portly, lesbian, black-haired feminist named Gabriela (Gabby) Skwarko. The pro-life group on campus kept some distance when Gabby and her cohorts came and set up camp within shouting distance of the pro-life group. Then things got heated when Gabby hobbled over to the pro-life activist, winds up and kicks one of the men. She then threw a metal clamp of some kind at Katie Somers, grabbed Katie’s stainless steel water bottle, threw it on the ground, and proceeded to shove Katie violently.

Katie, obviously distraught, did not know what to do and was in apparent shock. Gabby proceeded to grab Katie’s backpack and hood, whipping her around like a rag doll, attempting to pull Katie onto the ground. Gabby then, in pure leftist smugness, approached the videographer and asks, “You filming me?” as she tries to chest bump him aggressively. She then storms off, kicking the stainless steel water bottle away as she waddles back to her group. Katie Somers was left crying, emotional, and in shock at what transpired. You can watch the video here.

Oh, Canada

It appears that both incidents took place in Toronto. Toronto has been hailed as the multi-cultural beacon of Canada. It is located in Ontario, one of their largest provinces. It is also where Jordan Peterson is from.

The leader in Canada is Justin Trudeau. He is the man who cries on camera like it his job to emote. He was also the one who allowed for Bill C16 to pass. This law basically says that one must say certain words or face incarceration, especially when in reference to the transgender community. It was this compelled speech law that created Jordan Peterson’s rise, as he refused to have legislated speech codes, a direct violation of freedom of speech. Canada may be close to losing that freedom.

Major Concerns

The Jordan Hunt incident is basically done. He is without a job, but also in jail waiting for bond. Video evidence will show that he not only assaulted a woman violently, but he also damaged property, He will have to wait and see what the verdict is. Regarding the Gabby Skwarko incident, there is no word if she was caught and prosecuted, but police are investigating.

In the video with Gabby assaulting Katie, most of the pro-life men stood by and did nothing! They let this unhinged pro-abortionist throw Katie around, throw a metal dolly at her, and continue the onslaught of violence. They did nothing to stop it other than, “Hey, calm down! Calm down!” They did not try to hold Gabby back or defend Katie. It appears as though being a “cuck” happens on both sides. Canada lacks in courageous men.

Increased Danger

According to LifeNews, these two moments in Canada are not isolated incidents. All over the United States, pro-life groups are experiencing an increase in vandalism, stolen items, general harassment, and violence. It also happens to pro-life groups regardless of age, as many pro-life high school groups are facing the same persecution.

This increasing danger for pro-life people raises some very poignant questions. Can we train and arm pro-life individuals who fear for their safety? Is it possible to fight back with equal aggression? Can anyone step in to defend and not face prosecution? This was to defend someone like Katie Somers who is clearly more petite than the portly Skwarko. Skwarko was able to toss around Somers with apparent ease. In this example, can Katie fight back with equal force? Can there be a law that prosecutes aggressors when the evidence clearly shows unwarranted aggression? Canadian laws might be different than here in America, but based on the behaviors of these leftists, these questions might need to be addressed sooner than later. These people are fighting for the unborn’s right to life while fearing for their safety. Something must be done. The left is getting more and more violent every day.

John Lee / Senior Contributor
John Lee is a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country and music. He's proud to be American and wants to MAGA!
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