Shifty Adam Schiff Vows To Challenge Whitaker’s Appointment

The Appointment of Whitaker

The Democrats are howling, now that President Trump has acted within his constitutional right in appointing a temporary attorney general. The justice department gave the go ahead for President Trump to act within his duty as president and appoint a temporary attorney general not named Rod Rosenstein. As usual the liberals are crying constitutional crises; Adam Schiff is leading the charge. He is warning Whitaker with a stalkerish comment: "(the) Democrats are watching you."

Adam Schiff is Outraged

Adam Schiff views the appointment of Matt Whitaker as unconstitutional and feels he should be subject to Senate confirmation. Schiff is also concerned about Whitaker's potential oversight of Robert Muller’s endless Russian investigation. In his typical melodramatic fashion, Schiff reacted with the following. “He needs to know that if he takes any action to curb what Mr. Mueller does, we’re going to find out about it. We’re going to expose it. And I would certainly call on my colleagues right now to avoid the constitutional crisis, take action now, speak out against this appointment.” In other words, Schiff has no problem with a never ending investigation that’s wasting tremendous amounts of taxpayer money. Schiff is hoping his appointment will be struck down. He is also calling for the immediate recusal of Matt Whitaker.

This reflects a continuous pattern, despite the fact that a president typically hires and fires staff when he deems necessary. President Trump’s every move is held to a different standard. The Deep State and its allies in the Democratic establishment remain committed to undermining America’s duly elected president at every turn and with every decision he makes. Despite daily calls from the liberal media for civility, Democrats like Schiff, Maxine Waters and Kamala Harris have shown the complete opposite of civility when talking to President Trump or pro-Trump Republicans.

Despite the fact that there to this day is no evidence, Democrats harp on and on that President Trump colluded with Russia. Adam Schiff has insisted that this investigation is a breakthrough. It reveals more about the partisan witch hunt and anti-Trump hysteria than it does about a president who simply wants to Make America Great Again. Adam Schiff is showing yet again how radical and nonsensical the Democrat party has become. For the Democrat Party, it is always The Saturday Night Massacre of Watergate when in fact it’s simply the deep state seeking to undo the good President Trump has accomplished and hamper his ability to make decisions for the country.

Seth Ian / Journalist
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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