Loony SNL Liberal Mocks Navy Seal Candidate Dan Crenshaw for Losing Eye in Line of Duty

Saturday Night Live No Longer Funny

Trump Derangement Syndrome has officially infected the core of Saturday Night Live. Not only have they lost a sense of humor they have now lost a sense of patriotism as well. A so-called comedian mocked Dan Crenshaw, a patriotic candidate in Texas who lost his eye as a Navy Seal serving his country. Crenshaw is running for Congress.

Saturday Night Live Mocks A War Hero

Saturday night live comedian Pete Davidson said mockingly “I know he lost his eye in war or whatever.” He even joked about him looking like a hitman. This was in reference to a war hero who lost his eye from an IED while serving America in Afghanistan.

Vote for Dan Crenshaw

Crenshaw is a truly great American who sacrificed for his country. The same liberals who always talk about bringing back civility are curiously nowhere to be found in this instance.

One-Sided Comedy

Saturday Night Live has been on a downward partisan spiral since mocking Sarah Palin. They have turned pure partisan and are no longer even funny. As Greg Gutfeld tweeted “this is SNL they address a cast members break up as if it’s vital importance but laugh at a Vet." They have employed Alec Baldwin to mercilessly mock The President Of The United States And continually poke one-sided fun of Republicans.


Vote for Patriots, Vote Crenshaw

It’s important we ignore the arrogant demands of celebrities and vote for MAGA candidates. Voting for this Navy Seal and war hero is a vote to have a real patriot who has sacrificed for our country serve as a congressman in Texas.

Seth Ian / Journalist
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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