Texan Democrat Won State Seat While in Jail

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Prisoner Congressman??!?

According to Wikipedia, Ron Reynolds is an American lawyer and politician who is a Democratic member of the Texas House of Representatives. He represents District 27 and was first elected in 2010. Ron Reynolds, a personal injury lawyer in Missouri City, Texas, lives in a suburb outside of Houston. In 2018, he ran unopposed for re-election in spite of the fact he will be serving his first few months from his jail cell. He was convicted in 2015 on misdemeanor charges for illegally soliciting clients for his law firm.

History of Ambulance Chasing

The charges that Reynolds face stem from an undercover investigation in 2012 that revealed a chiropractic firm was urging patients to hire Reynolds as their attorney without ever meeting with him, or having any examinations. Those charges were overturned due to the investigators mishandling of evidence.

In 2013, Reynolds again faced legal trouble when he was arrested along with seven other attorneys for taking bribes and kickbacks to the tune of 25 million dollars involving the owner of two other chiropractic firms. In legal terms it is called “barratry,” the average person would know it as ambulance chasing. He received five convictions in that case.

Reynolds spent the next three years in failed attempts to appeal this conviction. It ended in 2016 with his license to practice law being suspended and a sentence of one year in jail being handed down. Oddly enough, according to the USA Today, such prosecutions are rare.

Surrendered to Authorities

On September 7th, 2016 he surrendered to authorities. A video by Click2Houston shows Reynolds handcuffed, along with several other inmates, being loaded in a van and taken away. He ignored a reporter who repeatedly asked him how it felt to be a “lawbreaker rather than a lawmaker.” At this point, it will be up to the sheriff as to how long Reynolds will serve in jail. He is still trying to get his sentence overturned. His sentence will depend upon the Sheriff and Reynolds’ behavior.

Texas in Wonderland

It seems Texas has fallen down Alice’s rabbit hole, where up is down and down is up. Amazingly enough, Reynolds garnished 47,305 votes in his unopposed bid for a fifth term. It makes one wonder what disqualifies someone from running for office. Beto O’Rourke ran for a Federal Senate seat with a DUI conviction as well as a hit and run. Both of these charges were considered misdemeanors, therefore not enough to disqualify him from running.

One would think that lawmakers would be held to a much higher standard. Of course, if you are on the Republican side, it would seem that you are. Just a few short weeks ago the Democrats were ready to run a man out on a rail for crimes they could not prove. So obsessed were they, they nearly destroyed Justice Kavanaugh and his family. Yet, in this case, they are found applauding a convicted con artist who won from a jail cell. Let that sink in.

In The Words of the Cheshire Cat

This tweet, by @OccupyTheMediaX, says more about current election electorate than it does Reynolds: "A re-election celebration is underway in Pod 2 of the Montgomery County Jail after inmate number 232573 claimed victory in Texas House District 27. That inmate is known as Rep. Ron Reynolds, D-Missouri City, to the people on the outside."

In the words of the Cheshire cat; “We’re all mad here. I am mad; you are mad.”

Shawn Mullin / Journalist
Shawn Mullin is a deep thinker, political junkie, historian (for the love of it), Christian (always), wife, mom and GiGi. She is also a writer at Life Letter Cafe and blogger at searching-godsheart.blog.
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