The Left’s Problem With Trump

Real Hate, Fake Reasons

Hatred for Trump is real. The vitriol and hypocrisy shown towards his administration on a daily basis is tangible. The question is, why? It may seem silly or obvious to some people, but is it so obvious? When you listen to American celebrities, or any American on the street, it would seem the reasons include a crude locker room joke he made decades ago amongst other grown men in confidence and the fact that he points out illegal aliens can be criminals and illegal immigration should be stopped.

Does anyone believe this rhetoric? Do people that love the Obamas and Clintons, have a serious problem with crude jokes? Let us take a look at how the left behaves. They hold protests while wearing vagina hats at the same time, carrying signs with slogans that are twice as crude and offensive as any Trump joke, and in front of children.

How can the left put aside the fact that the first action of an illegal alien crossing our border breaks the law? How does the left ignore the countless murders, rapes and DUI crashes being committed by illegal aliens? All are well documented. Ask any Angel Parent.

Things just do not seem to add up for such a palpable hate towards this one man. A man that has received a number of civil rights awards, was frequently lauded for his hiring and subsequently promoting women in his companies, and now the President of the United States of America.

Fake Hate, Real Reasons

Perhaps a different and scarier explanation is the real answer. Trump wants to drain the deep state shadow government swamp and fight to take our country back from these criminals with double standards for themselves and cohorts. This is well a well known truth, and is one of the main reasons he has so many loyal supporters. However, what is the deeper meaning of these Trump traits and actions? What is the real cost to the Media, Hollywood and Progressive agenda?

First, and a no brainer, are money and power. Many people apparently do not realize how much money and power that the cabal has had for centuries; it is massive. There is an elite oligarchy controlling this country and it is not a conspiracy theory, as the #FakeNewsMedia will continue to tell you. Big tech and big media is in the grip of a few people inside a very few corporations. This oligarchy controls information, disinformation and more importantly access to it.

On Both Sides of the Aisle

Politicians control which laws are made and which laws are not. Many, on both sides of the aisle, enter congress part of the 98% and leave part of the 1%. They make laws they themselves do not have to follow; they break laws with impunity. Unfortunately, this is almost entirely the people’s fault by letting this corruption happen due to an education system indoctrinating instead of educating, and a citizenry that shrugs while saying, “Oh, well that’s Washington.”

The power and money at stake is tremendous. The people fighting to give back control to the citizens of this country and break the back of the oligarchy better realize this, and take it under serious consideration. The politician or pundit you really like? Do not trust ‘em, as the web of deceit is wide and deep.

Ever wonder why such obvious law breaking or shady dealings never get investigated thoroughly in the media, legal system, nor punished? The oligarchy involves many people, from all political and social viewpoints. They want the gravy train to keep running.

Power Play

It is not a crude joke, Trump’s abruptness or his slamming illegal aliens that get people worked up. It is the power players behind the scenes, from both sides, that are going all out against Trump. The sooner the people realize this, start focusing, and attacking the oligarchy with this in mind, the better the chance this country gets back in the hands of its citizens.

It is obvious with the recent elections and the Kavanagh nomination; Trump cannot do all the work. He needs a strong, smart, and informed conservative army behind him, fighting the good fight, for the survival of this great country.

Liberty Smoke / Journalist
I am a US Navy vet, writer and tradesman living in the Mountain West. I keep my mind active as a voracious reader and enjoy critical thinking. It is not about a person; it is about the people. The role of government is to protect our God-given rights.
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  1. Great article! On point. Americans love what the POTUS has been doing and continues to do, the Communists-not so much.




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