Trump Trumps 'Fake News' With 'Hostile Media' in Showdown With Jim Acosta

CNN Is Fake News and Hostile Media

Today, Trump confronted Jim Acosta in an epic showdown. To anyone outside of Democrat globalist circles, it is obvious that CNN is biased. The Republicans allowed to speak on CNN are consistently never Trumpers. CNN leans far left of liberal. As a result, the president has labeled them purveyors of fake news and enemies of the people, and now hostile media.

Acosta’s Tweet

In the ultimate act of virtue singling Acosta took to Twitter last week to deny the charge that he is a purveyor of fake news. Nothing says real news like public spats with the president and his spokespeople, while going soft on Obama and the Clinton’s. Even crazy Reverend Wright, Obama’s “spiritual” leader, while living in Chicago, was afforded more respect than the current president of the United States by fake news CNN.


Acosta Plays Tough

trump acosta hostile news
Image from SFGate
Acosta continuously has public spats with the president and his supporters, but sees himself as a righteous person lecturing the less educated. In reality, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has continuously wiped the floor with Acosta, as has Stephan Miller. Trump supporters are the ‘super elite,’ despite what the lying non-conservative and anti-Trump media tells the American public. They lack common sense and common American values, while scolding the rest of the country, who are not a part of Hollywood or the mainstream media.

Alternate Reality

Clearly, Acosta is living in an alternative reality. He believes that his fake news is real news, and views it as his job to disagree with every move this president makes. Since Trump’s election, the mainstream media has been nothing but oppositional to the president. They are far worse to Trump than they were to Bush, during his time in office, and it is not even remotely comparable to the CNN Teflon treatment of Obama.

Seth Ian / Journalist
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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