Rethinking Thanksgiving in the Era of Trump


The First Thanksgiving

Pilgrims who upended their lives, hoping to avoid religious persecution, wound up testing their faith by crossing the ocean, surviving hardships, and resettling in a new world. Others traveled the same path but were from different starting points and for various reasons. They were conquerors, prisoners, wealthy merchants, farmers, ship captains, stowaways, crewmen, soldiers, explorers, mothers, and fathers. Overcoming difficulty, failure, disease, and physical attack was a daily ritual. The weak did not survive. Strong genes, good instincts, and intelligence prevailed.

To recognize their fortitude for making it in the new world, and to honor the indigenous people who helped, taught, and befriended them, they joined together in celebration and gave thanks to their heavenly maker. That beautiful, meaningful moment became known as the first Thanksgiving. It has become an American tradition. The last Thursday of November has always been the Thanksgiving holiday. Today, at times, it seems sadly overlooked, being replaced with football games and sales.

Through the Years

While separate, individual reasons brought them, they came together to one place, America. Over time, more people arrived. They grew together, becoming stronger, wise and brave. They became one unified voice, having survived similar experiences. Unified, they decided to break away from the governing forces who were tightening the rules, collecting guns, demanding more in taxes, while lessening representation.

They decided it was time to formally recognize what they had accomplished together in this new world. They wanted to become their own masters in this new world. They created a country with a new type of government; a Constitutional Republic. Law and order would be by document, similar to a Magna Carta; wherein all legal questions would find an answer. A democratic process would be used for electing representatives to Congress. To avoid mob rule, an electoral college was implemented. This insured that every voice could be heard. Also, knowing that hearts could turn greedy, and power hungry, the Bill of Rights was established. It was a country based on life experiences, faith in God; created, designed, founded upon, and dreamed up: ‘By the People and For the People.’

Gaze Honestly into the Mirror

Unfortunately, there were people brought to the new world against their will. The views at the time were not as fair and open as they are today. It is necessary to understand that many people had experienced forms of servitude. They were captives of poverty, discrimination, and prejudice.

It was not an uncommon practice for people to “sell’ oneself, or a family member, for an apprenticeship, or to be a lifetime servant to a wealthy person. It was not uncommon for losers in a battle to become the slaves of the victors. Valiantly, brave people have risen above these additional burdens placed upon them. They did not break with bitterness, they grew.

Forming a new country was at the forefront of the founders’ minds, not social justice. Here is a reminder that women, at the time, were also considered property. Thankfully, there has been tremendous progress. This is all part of our rich history, and if not remembered, will be revisited.

Symbols of Freedom

Whether it be confederate statues, the American flag, the anthem, building names, street names or holidays, it must remain as a part of our history. These must be remembered as truths which are self-evident, not used as political pawns. The American people deserve better. They are strong, willing and unafraid to have the necessary, honest, open, critical thinking discussions.

Surprisingly, two key items divisionists harp on are artistic expressions. Remarkably, one is about the other. Francis Scott Key wrote a poem memorializing his personal viewing, experience, and pride at seeing the U.S. flag continue to wave after the Defence of Fort M'Henry. The flag was made by a founding mother, Betsy Ross, who used cloth to symbolize the coming together of the colonies and its settlers. It was flown for the American people to visualize what they were fighting for, what they were coming together and rallying around, and, in some cases, what may be draped over their casket.

The Pledge of Allegiance was written so that citizens could show respect, pride, and thankfulness to their great country. The great country where citizens were bestowed with rights and freedoms other countries did not allow. Citizens were to stand, with the right hand over their heart, pledging allegiance to the one nation that formed a constitutional republic, which gave them special blessings under God’s grace. They knew that they were not divisible (unless from within) and they wanted to utilize liberty and fairness to each other.

E Pluribus Unum

Out of many, one. There is a reason for that being written as part of the U.S. Seal by a 1782 Act of Congress. Noted by one of its designers, as told to Congress and quoted by the American Legion: "White signifies purity and innocence. Red hardiness and valor and Blue... signifies vigilance, perseverance and justice."

This country was built upon strong persons uniting to live freely. No one willingly came here, risking their lives on an ocean voyage, to be dictated to in the new world. They did not want to act only the way the popular crowd determined. They were determined to free themselves from those types of governments, people, and mindsets.

Helping Hands

Americans have helped to conquer the world when evil knocked on allies doors. Somehow, history has been rewritten by socialist professors portraying that success as an American evil. Colonization has been turned around and made into a dirty word. Encouraging people to fight for and to love their own country, somehow became selfish.

Having been overtaxed, overburdened, and overworked, the American people have said enough. They have had enough of being the bank for others, while drowning in debt themselves. They do not want benefits for illegal aliens, nor money for DREAMers. They want American children, veterans, and inner-city citizens, to be first in line when taxpayer money is doled out.

The Campaign of Revelations

Due to candidate Trump’s honest revelations on the campaign trail, citizens woke up to unknown facts about elected officials, who were not working for American interests: DREAMER legislation, illegal alien benefits, DACA executive order, unvetted refugees, sanctuary cities, lottery chosen “immigrants,” and the list goes on. Now aware, citizens are voting out those elected officials who pander to lobbyists or special interests.

Many Americans are not happy continuing congressional caucuses, black history month, or affirmative action. Americans want more inclusiveness and unity in regards to programs and special treatments. Things that unite people can help to bring the country back together. It should be noted that there is not a month set aside to celebrate each of the other cultures: Irish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Greek, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, and more, as it was all to be rolled into one “American Melting Pot of History.” That never happened.

True Americans who disagree with what has been legislated do not first protest in the streets or attempt to shout in Congressional halls. They contact their representatives, write articles, letters to the editor, and use the ballot box. Those who came here legally had to go through the immigration process to become a U.S. citizen. They learned about, embraced and became part of American living history.

This is why the left encourages people to come here illegally, stay in the shadows and become victims of crime and abuse. It is purposely meant to undermine our laws and sovereignty, and ultimately divide and weaken. A weak country can be more easily overthrown.

A Country Turned Upon Itself Cannot Stand

When did it change? How did the American people become weak, in spirit and mind? How did they learn to hate our country and take it for granted? It may be due to the many people who have become dependent on our welfare system, one that rewards people not based on merit or need, but by whether or not they will remain loyal to the welfare state. Our liberal school system could be a major factor, as well as being governed by unscrupulous elected legislators and corrupt local governments, who see little to no accountability for their actions. These have all proven to be detrimental to unity.

It is important for school systems to remember the importance of History. Two extremely wrong decisions by SCOTUS may have caused the downward spiral in patriotism. 1989’s desecrating U.S. Flag and 1943’s Pledge of Allegiance. Apathy, avoidance of conflict, and anti-religion rhetoric are also possible causes.

Assault from Within

Because the American people would not be beaten by a head-on assault from another country wishing to do harm, infiltration was done through illegal means and the school system. With overwhelming gratitude, the silenced, forgotten men and women took a chance on a non-perfect person, whose promises were exactly what they were looking for in a leader.

Many different groups came together to vote for him for president, feeling he was the last chance for America to be turned back toward the light it once flourished in. Americans found someone who would speak out for them, and understood their concerns. They responded in kind, taking on verbal and physical abuse for sharing political views deemed unintelligently deplorable by the “popular crowd” of divisionists, obstructionists, social media platforms and celebrities.

American strength and pride in it is not something of which to be ashamed. Each individual who fights for this constitutional republic called America, and values the spirit, foundation, fortitude and freedoms it protects, is for whom President Trump fights. Just as in the time of the pilgrims, the weak will not survive. Strong genes, good instincts, and intelligence will win. Citizens once lulled to sleep by a propagandist media monopoly, and unaware of what direction the government was actually going in, are now fully awakened.

Give Thanks to the Lord Our God, For He is Good

There are those who misunderstand Trump’s power to gain audiences. Some are so manipulated by media that they think there are those who consider him a Savior. That is a total fallacy. There is no cult, no worshipping. He is a man. An imperfect man and Americans know that. The Bible says, “For everything under the sun there is a time and a season unto heaven” or as Mick Jagger and the Stones play in the background of a Trump rally, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try real hard, you get what you need.” The truth is, and those awoke know it, Trump is what America needed at this point in time.

With utter gratitude, on this Thanksgiving in 2018, we can bow our heads in thanks to God for bringing us President Trump. We can pray that it is his will to have Trump return the country to the original path of greatness. It must be remembered that America’s beauty is in the living history- our citizens, our values, and our foundation. We will continue to strive to be the best. It is what we have done from that very first Thanksgiving feast. We know that no human being is perfect. We know Trump is no exception. What we do know is that he is proving to be perfect for the job of president of these amazing United States. We also know it is because he loves this country and her history as much as we do, perhaps even more so.

Joanna Dannah / Copy Editor
Joanna Dannah is a supporter of duly-elected President Trump and vocal to counter his "haters." She supports the unforgotten men and women citizens who are the backbone of America. She strives to Keep America Great (KAG) for her children and grandchildren.
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