Shock Video: Congressman Gaetz Catches Broward County Fraud in the Act!

Matt Gaetz Broward County

Caught in the Act!

Congressman Matt Gaetz, of Florida, posted a video from Broward County last night on his Twitter account that has the nation buzzing. He claims that the video shows what happened when he caught men loading/unloading boxes into an Enterprise box truck last night. The truck was parked at the Broward County Supervisors office and the boxes were being taken in/out of the office. When the congressman confronts the gentlemen moving the boxes, he states that the people we see in the video are “riot police” that usher him quickly away from the truck. The officers won’t give the congressman their supervisor’s name, but simply tell Gaetz that he’ll have to speak to their unnamed supervisor. You’ve got to see this.


Broward County Continues to Violate the Law

It appears that the fix is in. The Broward County election officials have been knowingly working outside of what they are allowed to do under election laws by not regularly reporting their progress in counting the votes. They are required, by law, to give updates every 45 minutes until all the extra votes are counted, but they have refused to do so. The county additionally won’t clearly say how many ballots are left or where they are being kept, something that is clearly a ploy to keep nosy individuals out of the process.


In addition to simply not getting the counting done in a timely manner, now the county is saying that there are more ballots that have been located and they all need to be tabulated as well. Surrounding this “revelation” are multiple witnesses (with video evidence) that show the chain of custody being violated with the ballots. The ballots are seen in the video (linked above) being loaded/unloaded from personal vehicles. This completely goes against standard protocol in handling of ballots and puts the validity of these newly-found ballots in serious question. Thankfully, President Trump, Senator Rubio and many other prominent politicians are getting involved with a problem we’ve been seeing for a while. Additionally, many on-the-ground groups (including Roger Stone, Ali Alexander and Joe Biggs) are in Florida pushing to expose this election being stolen. 'We the People' must fight to keep our elections free and honest. Don't let the vitriolic left steal our votes and change the will of the people!


Bradley Brewer / Senior Contributor
Bradley Brewer is a pro-life Christian, conservative writer and citizen journalist. He supports the Constitution as it is written and defends his right to bear arms. In his spare time, he "tries" to play golf.
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  1. scrap the election nation wide and lets do it again!This time everybody keep their eyes open wide!

  2. In Marshall Minnesota at the SMSU campus the officials were not even asking for ID's! The town was flooded with Hispanic people's who have never been seen here before! There were being bussed around from town to town!

  3. Why back up from them. They weren't cops they were private security guards which have exactly zero authority over anyone.

  4. The Dens didnt win the house they wouldn't have won more than a couple of seats if it wasnt for fraud. We need to investigate EVERY house election and find out where we TRULY stand bc NOBODY in their right mind would vote Democrat!

  5. This is worse then a 3rd world Nation overtaking their country!

  6. and not one person will have the balls to do anything about it. Did anyone follow to the truck or call the police?




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