Virginia Midterms: Dave Brat’s Opponent Defended MS-13 'Animals'

Dave Brat Calls Out Pro-amnesty Opponent For Supporting Violent Gang MS-13

In a brilliant new campaign ad, VA Rep. David Brat calls out his opponent Abigail Spanberger. In the ad he accuses her of supporting the savage Central American gang MS-13. This brings to mind Nancy Pelosi’s absurd claim that it’s offensive to call MS-13 ‘animals,’ despite the fact that’s exactly how they behave. President Trump calls it like it is.

To be clear, Democrat Abigail Spanberger is running in Virginia in support of MS-13, a state which was once solid red on sanctuary cities. MS-13 is a brutal gang which chops up people it targets. Spanberger also supports sanctuary cities which serve as a lawless area openly in rebellion of federal law. Amnesty and sanctuary cities are policies which Republican David Brat opposes, doing so helps keep America great.

David Brat is a Populist Nationalist

Brat is a solid populist nationalist running as an immigration patriot who supports the immigration priorities which keep America safe. Brat was voted in after Eric Cantor was primaried, for a lack of support for immigration protection. David Brat is a true MAGA candidate. Spanbergero, on the other hand, does not have the support of law enforcement. This is all despite the fact that Spanberger served in the CIA.

Republican Safety Vs. Democrat Lawlessness

One thing is clear, a vote for Democrats is a vote for lawlessness and a vote for Republicans is to vote for our law enforcement. President Trump always shows a special respect for those who have served while the Left seems to enjoy painting law enforcement as perpetrators of harm.

To be clear, Virginia has a choice to elect a pro-illegal immigrant candidate or a candidate in Dave Brat who will champion the President’s immigration agenda and 'Make America Great Again.'

Seth Ian / Journalist
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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