Op-ed: Why Democrats and Independents MUST Vote Red in Midterms

Voting Red - America’s Only Hope

The 2018 midterm elections have arrived, and they are a dogfight. Perhaps like never before, there is an intense race for the seats in Congress that will determine which party controls one, or both chambers on Capitol Hill.

The Democrats Plan To Reverse All Progress

Under the best circumstances, midterm elections are contentious. In this particular election, however, the MAGA agenda hangs in the balance. Far-left Democrats have built a sophisticated and expansive strategy to win congressional control and thus dramatically halt and reverse the progress made by the Trump administration that every American has experienced since Trump’s inauguration victory over the Democrat’s loser, Hillary Clinton.

If the Liberals gain power, their first goal would be to make a motion in support of impeaching President Trump prior to the 2020 election cycle. Virtually everyone that passionately supports a left-wing, socialist agenda is calling for Trump’s impeachment. It has been their clutch since their shocking loss in the 2016 upset. Clinton’s painted illusion, of her “sure-fire win” backfired.

“They never thought she would lose,” to quote one of Trump’s best and most famous sayings. This historical loss for the Democrats in 2016 triumphantly thwarted an emerging platform and global takeover by the evil globalist elites to implement their New World Order (NWO) also known as the Agenda 21 plan for the destruction of America, with the rest of the world following suit. Leftists and elements of the Never Trump GOP cohort, indignantly and blindly support the globalists’ agenda along with a nefarious cover-up of Clinton corruption that has existed for decades upon decades.

Our country operates on the idea of free enterprise and individual initiative that generates the underlying tax revenue necessary to run the country. Nationalism is congruent with capitalism, the economic system Americans have honored since the mid-1800s at the peak of the Industrial Revolution. As one of the world’s most admired and successful business moguls, Trump knows that if socialism replaces capitalism under a globalist regime, America will be disintegrated both financially and structurally as a free society.

Attempts to Impeach Trump? Is Kavanaugh Next?

The violent Left seeks impeachment, and they want it yesterday. Trump is a capitalist and American nationalist who loudly and publicly stands in the way of globalist domination under an NWO agenda. He is everything they fear. Rightfully so. If Trump is ousted, we know the next target has to be Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Why would they desire to impeach Kavanaugh? First, he does not possess a clear record on Roe v Wade, the 1973 decision legalizing abortion in all 50 states. This legal right to abortion is important in the hearts and bank accounts of the majority of Leftists. With that in mind, they suspect and assume without confirmation that Kavanaugh is pro-life. This assumption of his opinion on the matter could have implications for the Democrats when it comes to future and new abortion challenges that could reach the Supreme Court.

The grounds upon which leftists hope to impeach Trump remain amorphous and hotly contested after trying unsuccessfully to implicate him in a Russian interference plot that was far from true. The Russian thimblerig now seems lost in the shuffle of other falsely fabricated and created events. However, do not dismiss a Chinese or Iranian stratagem that could surface before and or after the midterms. They also want Trump out, no matter what.

Roe V. Wade

The Left would like for the abortion rights to not only continue as they stand now but to expand these rights increasingly is of extreme importance to their agenda. The legal right to end a pregnancy within the Roe v. Wade protocol means an introduction for globalists to continue to orchestrate population control aka Agenda 21/Eugenics. This would make governance under an NWO much more natural for their regime.

More importantly, Kavanaugh does have a verifiable record as a constitutionalist. As we have daily proof, Leftists want to destroy the U.S. Constitution one amendment at a time. They support censorship, gun bans, and illegal immigration, they have essentially become the socialist party of America. Without The U.S. Constitution to protect Americans’ freedom of speech, right to bear arms, and freedom of religious choice, the Democrats would have a much easier job turning the U.S. into a globalist land mass police state, rather than a democratic republic; or as we have referred to America for centuries, one nation under God.

Globalists want to destroy the foundation of this country as a means to implement a borderless NWO. Global domination is the end game of the dark elitists that inhabit the world of deep-state government, finance, and academia.

The elites represent themselves only. They are comprised of a deep shadow world government and have been showing what they intend to do to us through various mediums. Some may think of this as fiction, which it is until the infrastructures of capitalism and patriotism are destroyed and replaced with something Americans never anticipated.

A Blue Wave = Death of America

At least one thing will happen if the shadow government overthrows America’s republic. There will be equality among the masses, and self-appointed dictators will rule us. The one with the most money wins. For those still unaware, the Roman Empire never fell, it just went underground.

There will be equality for all including suffering, equality in poverty, equality in the loss of freedoms, equality of injustice and a lack of resources across this nation. This lack will produce hatred, fear, desperation, and eventual death. Racial and gender equality will take on new meaning.

These primary reasons behind fear-mongering and mass programming in recent years have led to the divide that we find in our nation today. Deeply divided as citizens of the same country. The deception runs far and wide, and we have been placed strategically in a rigged system that is doomed to fail. Programming through mainstream media has taught us to hate our fellow citizens. They have encouraged us to argue over scraps that are intended to keep us distracted from what matters most. The consistent overkill with bombardment programming through commercials, videos, and television has made us more violent. This NWO plan that was being carried out before Trump’s arrival in office has led to the ignition of our animal instincts and predisposed us to fight viciously through our right to assemble and protest. Is this not how we view the refugees and illegal immigrant populations approaching our borders?

They deserve to be treated with dignity and compassion, as do Americans and all of humanity. Immigrants coming into America must also adhere to our laws and enter our country legally, by utilizing the proper channels and vetting process that are in place now. The current chaotic situation at the border is a direct result of the Left’s refusal to reform immigration law for decades. By their complete resistance and unwillingness to make any changes or reach consensus on immigration legislation, the globalists continue to get away with breaking the rules of this country and deliberately manufacturing a massive breakdown within laws and orders currently protecting American citizenship. The immigrants are merely being exploited and used; they are nothing more than pawns in a game of chess while establishing their NWO.

Open-border and promoter globalists, fabricate chaos at and along the borders of sovereign nations in efforts to undermine the enforcement of existing immigration laws. This tactic has been around for a while; it’s nothing new. They are just getting more defiant, out in the open and more criminal in their mission and ploys to destroy this country. Willful and premeditated intentional aggression to force new laws to erode existing laws purposely, further blurs the lines between legal and illegal citizens, this is one of the first steps to degrading the system. Under a functional NWO, we all become immigrants.

If the NWO agenda is implemented after these November midterms, the U.S. as it exists now will be dissolved. If you do not leave your country, but your country leaves you, that makes you at least indigent, if not an immigrant, in a now foreign land. Their goal, as we know, is to destroy the American dream.

Moderates and Independents Must Support Trump and The GOP

The governing Leftists intend to make you homeless, penniless, soulless; they want us dependent on them and helpless. Your work experience will mean nothing, any education you had acquired throughout your life will be rendered useless. Your ability to survive will depend on a variety of factors. None of them predictable and none of them dependable.

An NWO is a stark and sharply contrasting view of a potential reality that many Americans do not fully grasp yet. Others refuse to believe it is even possible for America. Do the research; it’s more than possible.

We can all relate to the kids back in school when we were younger, whose parents have money, sometimes a lot of money. Those money kids can sometimes be demeaning and act out like condescending bullies, with no consequences. Project that into your mind's eye on a global scale.

Contrast that thought with the current First Family. President Donald J. Trump is not perfect. Nobody is. Remember, this imperfect, independently wealthy, non-cabal affiliated man is willing to give up years of his life to make our lives better, will you overlook his flaws? Will you choose the appropriate elected officials that will make his job as our nation’s President easier? President Trump knows that our country will suffer pain and sorrow like we as Americans have not known before if the Democrats gain control of Congress after our November elections. To avoid that, Americans across the political spectrum, no matter past party affiliation, must come together now and work toward saving this country at the ballot box. We must put aside minor differences, unify as patriots willing to pull together for the common good of America. The only option is to vote GOP.

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?” Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean.

What we are facing this November 6th is not a perennial Republican vs. Democrat election. What we are meeting this time is true nationalism vs. globalism. Those seeking globalism by indoctrinating impressionable Americans with a false concept of perfect equality, have no compassion for you, your family, or your future.

They loathe you.

Do you understand?

Jessica Smith / Guest Contributor
A dear friend told J. A. Hansen, "I'd never met a conservative hippie chick until I met you." Politics is not about the party; politics is about the rhythm and the dance.
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