Conman Race Hustler Al Sharpton Is At It Again

Sharpton Helps Himself

Race baiter Al Sharpton has decided upon where his life rights will go and it’s to his own charity. $531,000 will be going to The National Action Network which is Sharpton’s charity. Commonly known as a race pimp, the race card is his favorite card. This reflects a lifelong trend with Sharpton being a tax cheat, race hustler and leader of race riots. This is just the latest in the unethical and immoral behavior of Al Sharpton. President Trump had the courage to call out Sharpton for his behavior by labeling him a professional “conman” who gets away with “murder”. On Fox News, President Trump said “Some people would call him a conman … He’s gotten away with a lot of murder, he probably makes a decent living, he doesn’t pay taxes. If you didn’t pay your taxes you’d be going to jail for a long time. But for some reason he’s out on the streets preaching.”

This is not Sharpton’s first instance of shady behavior. He long has created racial tension and lead race riots. He famously lead race riots in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and exploited people’s suffering to gain fame and make money. He famously lead chants of no justice no peace in other words unless he gets what he wants. Sharpton will cause mayhem and break the law. In financial matters, he is no more scrupulous.

Tax Cheat

"In 1993 he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for failing to file a state income tax return," according to Business Insider. In addition, state law prohibits non-profits from going ahead and making loans to officers. Sharpton would not be discouraged; he admitted his National Action Network loaned money to him to cover his daughter’s tuition.

Despite all this, Sharpton had frequented the Obama White House and is an accepted figure in Democrat circles, just as they have tolerated the bad behavior and race hustling of Jesse Jackson, The Democrats now associate with Linda Sarsour and Louis Farrakhan. Race baiting and radical identity politics are at the core of today’s Democratic Party. As the expression goes, birds of a feather flock together.

Cheating and gaming the system is nothing new for Sharpton. He has made a carrier out of cheating the tax system as well as by profiting off poor people and taking advantage of them. Allegations of racism have been a career for Al and law breaking has been par the course for this antagonist.

Seth Ian / Senior Contributor
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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