Radio Station Bans Classic Christmas Melody

Socialists And Their Polls

According to WDOK radio station in Ohio, the station's host ran a poll on its website about the song 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' after a listener called in to complain about the songs meaning and the now controversial language as it relates to the #MeToo movement. A majority of respondents to the website poll were in favor of taking the song off the holiday list. However, on the Radio Stations Facebook page, a similar poll showed a clear majority in support of the song being played on air. Now, the Facebook pages comment section is riddled with angry listeners complaining about the decision to take the song off the season's lineup.

Communism In Early Stages

As the modern Feminist movement creates more chaos and public outrage over ridiculous events such as this, one can not help but think of the past moralist movements that sought to censor music from the radio in the past. As we have daily proof, censorship is on the rise everywhere in America. From social media to print, the Social Justice Warrior's have been hard at work seeking to stamp out any sign of hope in all of humanity.

Elvis The Pelvis

Radio stations today play “clean” versions of songs removing foul language. In the past, bands and other artists have fought the good fight with Radio stations and their conglomerate owners to have their songs heard. Most notably the case of Elvis Presley’s Rock and Roll songs, back when Religious and Conservative social movements sought to exclude his loud and vibrant rock music from the airwaves due to its lewd content.

On television, they only showed the top of his body in order to hide his pelvic thrusting, that was perceived by the powers that be as “encouraging sexual activity before marriage.” Radio station owners back then would regularly censor portions of songs as they deemed necessary. The Who’s hit song, “My Generation” was censored, as the stuttering lines poked fun at kids with speech impediments.

September 11th, 2001

During the 2000s the biggest push for censorship was after September 11, 2001. This was a time when anti-war songs and other un-American songs were threatened by Evangelicals, Conservative’s and other movements for removal, as they were deemed unpatriotic and were usually greeted by these groups catchphrase saying, “you already forgot.”

In the year 2010, we have seen an amusing flip where so-called Liberal movements are now the ones begging for censorship of popular culture. In just one decade, the Liberals that once despised “George W. Bush Evangelical Republicans” for wanting to enact social change through censorship, these groups now clamor for pop culture to be fitted into what is deemed by them “Inclusive and Pro Women.” The #MeToo movement has exemplified this with the attempt to remove the seasonal classic, “Baby It's Cold Outside” from airwaves.

SJW vs. Rudolph

Another recent attempt of pop culture control and critique by the broader Social Justice Movement, this time in the film arena, was a Huffington Post hit piece on the 1964 animated stop-motion classic, “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.” As countless other examples of attempted societal control arise from the Social Justice Movement, its extensions will continue, and the support for such movements will eventually die down and generate a sizeable backlash against the loud and angry minority, as they always do.

Censorship Is Un-American

As with every attempt of pop culture censorship, it only ends with that pop culture gaining stronger support by more followers and being more widely accepted by the people. It happens every time, and it will happen again with the song 'Baby, It's Cold Outside."

Kyle Frank / Journalist
Kyle Frank lives in Upstate New York. He became interested in politics late in 2016 during the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.
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