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Athens - The Real Democracy

Democracy is defined by Dictionary.com as, “government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.” Let us forget that Dictionary.com has been infiltrated by the Left, as they now produce editorial narratives and have continued to revise words to suit today’s Leftist agenda and just accept this meaning for the sake of argument.

A government by the people. Left in the hands of the people, would seem to be a great form of government. A place where people rule the land and such authority is exercised by fairly elected representatives of the people. Democracy by nature means that the majority wins. It is how politics in Athens, Greece were appropriated ancient times. As we know, they rarely got anything done in terms of policies. It was not until the Fifth Century B.C., that democracy became known as the direct political foundation of the Greeks.

Macedonia Conquered Greece

The word "democracy" (Greek: δημοκρατία), combines the elements dêmos (δῆμος, which means "people"), and krátos (κράτος, which means "force" or "power"). Thus it means literally, "people power.” This was how they legislated executive decisions while they mulled over the many aspects of life, and it is where figures such as Epimenides, Aristotle, Socrates, and other Greek powerhouses of history were created. However, in Greek politics, specifically the Athenian version of Democracy took hold of much of the region until the Macedonians came and conquered Greece in 338 B.C. This victory for the Macedonians then stopped Greece’s democratic governance.

The Caste System

As the years progressed, most of the Mediterranean and European nations had a great many forms of political governance. Much of it was theocracies, monarchies, and imperial rule. Roman Imperial rule, the rule of the Vatican and the Monarchies of Europe included the royalty of France, Spain, and England. The idea of democratic rule was all but a forgotten concept since giving power to peasants was not an option. If you were of the ruling class society, your view of those under your own status was beneath you. Why should a pauper hold any sway in government over that of a Prince? Monarchies, Theocracies, and Emperors were the ruling class and it showed as various regions had serfdom and peasant/subject populations.

A Subject No More

What happens when Monarchies overstep their boundaries? What happens when a King gets too big for his britches and begins to suffer hubris? It has happened to many throughout history. For example, Nero thought himself a deity and proved it by burning Christians he labeled as “scapegoats” for the ills of Rome during his day. Various other rulers also suffered as history recounts the failing of Alexander the Great, King Solomon, Nebuchadnezzar, King Darius of Persia, Xerxes and other contemporaries that become taken over with their own hubris and think they are above law and order.

Previous rulers act as if they are the law and order and usually end up committing extensive crimes against humanity or amass great sums of wealth to the point of being cavalier with their subjects. When this happens, people usually find themselves rising up to commit treason through rebellion or they leave and find new lands. Sometimes both happen in no particular order and this is what happened in America.

King George Lost His Mind

When King George III decided that the Monarchical State Religion was The Church of England, he proceeded to enforce his ideals as Church law and this became the orthopraxy of the British Empire. During the arrival of the first colonial settlers to this new territory in the America’s, and the establishment of the original Thirteen Colonies, The Church of England extended its reach into the colonies and by proxy, so did George’s reach. For a while, the colonies were content with a ruler that lived a few thousand miles away. With each new year, more people would arrive to this new world. Some by accident as were the Pilgrims who hated the practices of the Church England. The pilgrims wanted to live more like the Scriptures taught them. Not what a vicar would command to be enforced by King George himself.

British Monarch Is Never Satisfied

The abuses encroached more upon the colonies. In order to fund England’s battles with her imperial adversaries, France and Spain, England needed to raise money so they imposed taxes upon the resources of the British Colonists. George taxed everything from shipments of tobacco and textiles to tea. It was the Tea Tax that broke the colonial camel’s back and thus started the Boston Tea Party, the process that would stoke the fires of a revolution.

New Ideas

The Boston Massacre sparked the fight to secede from the British Crown. The Colonists became tired of following rules from a ruler that resided in a different hemisphere. Farmers took up arms and fought trained soldiers on the untamed grounds of the colonial landscape. As the grounds began to bleed with the blood of fathers, sons, uncles, brothers, colonists and loyalists; meetings were held by prominent leaders of the colonies. Men including Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, and other fighters, they began to think about what this country would be like without control of a Monarchy.

These founding fathers and men of principle continued to think, meet and discuss terms on which this nation would be built upon. Patrick Henry and other members of this new Constitutional convention built upon the roots of their Judeo-Christian values like individual freedom, personal responsibility, a democratic setting and the ultimate pursuit for every man in this new nation including the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. At the same time, these men also knew the dangers of democracy and the failings of the Greeks. The Bill of Rights was written to ensure that men living under this document would understand they have rights granted to them not by man nor by state, but by a greater, higher Power. As the Founding Fathers understood it, God Himself granted the rights of a person to say what they want, worship how they want, gather however they want, write what they want, and have the right to preserve those rights through necessary force if need be and thus the Constitution was born and with it the notions that this new nation would be a republic.

Democracy Vs. Republic

We hear through mainstream media often that America is a democracy. The idea that everyone has a say in the way things are, and that everyone gets a vote. While the concept of this is true in that the voting process is democratic, America is not a democracy. A democracy means that people who oppose a vote will never be able to overturn the masses and swing any favor, nor have a voice in opposition. That is problematic, however the Founding Fathers knew this this from their own British history. They fixed this issue with the notions of representation in governmental matters to a proportion, thus the now hated Electoral College was created. The electoral college was designed to counteract mob rule. This is what makes America a Republic, and thankfully not a democracy.

To understand this, we can refer back to the election of 2016 between Hillary Clinton and our current President, Donald Trump. Think of the popular vote as a democracy, and the Electoral College as a Republic. The name, “popular vote” itself is an allusion to mob rule. If the mob won, it would completely drown out the voice of those who were not a part of the mob or those that voted against the mob. If that was the case, America under Hillary would be vastly different now. Thank God the Electoral College is in place, states with a lack of numbers, have an equal voice with representation, they were able to outweigh the mob; even though the mob had more numbers, the process of equal representation by proportion, afforded states that do not have the population density to give equal weight in elections.

Democratic Perversions

It is fair to note that having a democratic process, does not make America’s ideological struggle of “Democratic Socialism” also something that is democratic. Those who want socialism have used the democratic process to push in their Liberal Socialist agenda. There are many instances where leaders and regimes are “democratically elected,” but have proven to be stains on their nation. For example, Maduro of Venezuela was, “democratically elected,” and he has continued the downward spiral of socialism and completely tanked his country in the process. Hamas was also “democratically elected,” and they have been a blight to Israel with their mission statement to be the “total extermination of the Jews globally.” Liberals respond to this by saying they were “democratically elected” and justify that it’s okay. If mobs can use the word “democratic,” and push in a leader that is a stain on progress and is a living human rights violation, in terms of policies and government oversight, then it is clear that mobs cannot be a viable form of dictating the direction of a country.

The American Experiment

This system of government is what makes America different historically and currently. We, as a nation are founded upon ideas and values. Our culture is that of an ideology governed not by government but higher. The fundamental elements of human rights are granted to us not by mobs, or the state. Our rights are granted by a higher power, and in the case of the Founding Fathers, God is the one who grants these rights. No one person can strip a another of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not in America.

From the vantage point of these principles that are held to be self-evident that all men are created equal, we get the principles of E Pluribus Unum, “From Many, One.” Our culture comes forth from these principles. Our Republic, for which it stands, one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all, as the identity of fair and equal representation so that everyone has a voice.

Our Republic is what makes America so great that even people living in sparse lands have just as much weight, if not more than people living in mass population densities. It is where a voice for the few have equal weight to those who hold the voices of many. A Constitutional Republic is not just a democracy where the voices of many can drown out the voices of the few. It is about the voices of everyone being able to work towards a common goal for a brighter future for all people. These principles are backed by the American Constitution and it is the foundation on which our Republic rises or falls. This is what sets America apart from other nations, both past and present and precisely why we are not a democracy. The fact that it has worked for over 200 years proves to the world the value of having a Constitutional Republic. It places a greater value on the lives of the citizens, more so than the government elite. The reason why America became America in the first place. The divorce from government elites, and putting the power of government in the hands of the people, all people who live on these shores. It will continue to work, so long as we continue battling tyranny in all forms whether governmental or cultural.

John Lee / Journalist
John Lee is a conservative, Christian Asian who loves God, country and music. He's proud to be American and wants to MAGA!
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