Race Baiter Marc Lamont Hill Fired From CNN

Marc Lamont Hill Fired From CNN

Broad Pattern on Stocking Identity Politics

CNN has blatantly stoked racial resentment time and time again. Recently Don Lemon made it clear that he believes "the biggest terror threat in this country is white men.” This hateful and diversionary tactic should have been grounds for dismissal but it wasn’t. Don Lemon maintains his nightly bully pulpit. CNN thrives on division and insulting Western Civilization.

Now another race baiter and radical leftist professor, otherwise known as standard CNN reporter, has been fired. Temple University Professor Marc Lamont Hill called for, in layman's terms, the destruction of the state of Israel. Hill called for “Free Palestine from the river to the sea," in other words no more Israel. This line is frequently used by the terrorist group Hamas. Temple University is standing with Hill despite his stoking of hate.

Hill has a history of hate and insults. He previously degraded fellow blacks who dared to meet with President Trump. This is the president who CNN continually vilifies despite being the duly elected President of the United States. Hill thrives on identity politics and the politics of playing the race card.

CNN Is Still Fake News

The next step CNN would do if they had any credibility (which they don’t - they are fake news) would be to fire Don Lemon, just as they rightly fired Marc Lamont Hill. Calling for genocide of Israel or hating on white people should be unacceptable for any respectable news channel. It’s hard to forget the flames of Ferguson stoked by irresponsible and unpatriotic anchors at CNN. While everyone is entitled to free speech, CNN, by continually employing radical leftists, stokes the flames of resentment while they blaber away a migrant invasion taking place at the America’s southern border.

The divisive professor was fired which is good news; however CNN remains fake news. Expect the globalists and race baiters at CNN to continue to stoke division and destruction in the United States while portraying America in a negative light to the rest of the world. At CNN they a focus on the two R’s: Russia and racism, despite the fact that the most blatant racism comes from the leftist hacks at CNN.

Seth Ian / Journalist
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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  1. This article is so fucking biased.

    (((New Right Network))) is sucking some Zionist dick I see. Only cuckservatives with no fucking spine read your shitty ass website. How about you fags write an article about RAM and spread awareness about them being jailed or are they "too far right" for you to have on this r/thedonald tier website? Oh wait you're too busy sucking (((their))) big white and blue dick like the good goys you are. Any "conservative " who follows (((NRN))) hasn't conserved shit. CNN and FOX are both owned by (((The Bilderberg Group))) you idiots so of course they're paddling the "muh antisemitism" narrative. This is coming from someone who is right leaning btw and I'm tired of this alt-lite cucky faggotry. Conservatives like you guys don't give two shits and a fuck about free speech as much as you claim to. Yeah I dont agree with Lamont Hill nor CNN. But for anyone who cares about free speech,this should concern you. But nah,keep thinking (((they))) will spare you lil goys. New Right Network? More like the New GOY Network lmao!

    Btw,some of your mods are fucking degenerates who like furries and make shitty rap about fucking underage girls

    I know my comment will be deleted because it'll hurt your goy...I mean guys' feelings lmao!

  2. (((NRN))) is fake news

    WarOfTheFanBoys is a furry who sings about fucking underage cat girls

    Someone who sings about wanting to fuck "cat girls" should go to the left,keep your degenerate ways over there. Half the faggots that run this site probably are lefties.

  3. Marc Lamont Hill is /ourguy/

    NRN is (((their))) goy




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