Stacey Abrams Eyeing Another Run For Governor or Senator

stacey abrams

Sore Loser

Stacey Abrams is a left wing Democrat who ran for governor of Georgia in a very tight race. Instead of conceding with grace, Stacey Abrams showed a lack of civility, blaming external factors for her gubernatorial loss to Brian Kemp. Unfortunately, rather than concede as is the national tradition, she accused the GOP of voter suppression. Elijah Cummings the one-time civil rights leader turned fierce-anti-Trump hater even wanted Brian Kemp to testify about voter suppression. Notice how the allegations of voter suppression always seem to go one way.

Now she is already seeking a possible run for U. S. Senate or Georgia governor yet again. She views Georgia, a traditionally heavily conservative state, as now a battleground state. Like Beto O’Rourke in Texas, Abrams is a very left wing candidate who the Democrat party is seeking to cultivate.

Abrams bragged “each, in our way demonstrated that there is a much broader electorate that should be engaged in the national conversation than we’ve seen in previous years.” Despite her divisive rhetoric she may be an up and coming leftist hero. “The effect is so grotesque as to undermine the credence of our elections.”

Election Integrity

To be clear, a leftist Democrat that is calling into question the credence of our election process is now being considered for a future Senate or Governor run. This reflects the left wing lack of respect for the integrity of fair elections. Like kindergartners, the new Democrat trend is if you don't win it must not be fair. One can only hope this will show the left wing Democrats for who they truly are. Maybe she can follow the example of Clinton and write a book “What Happened.”

Seth Ian / Senior Contributor
Seth Ian is a conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump.
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